All-Time Baseball

Replay any World Series you like.  See if the 1919 Chicago Black Sox could have legitimately won the World Series.

Ty Cobb, Lou Gehrig, Joe Dimaggio, Ted Williams are all available.  You pick the year. 

Build your own team from any team and any year with the players you want.  Build your dream team.

Try your hands at All-Time Baseball, a stats based game where you can match up the greatest teams of all time.

Match Babe Ruth's '27 Yankees against the Randy Johnson and the 2001 Diamondbacks.

All teams available since 1900.  You pick the teams.  You pick the lineup.  You decide when to steal, bunt or intentionally walk a hitter.

A complete game can be played in less than a minute if desired.

Play with a friend or by yourself.

All-Time Baseball trial is free.  To register and purchase a permanent license is only $5.

Try it today for free. 

All-Time Baseball 1.5  December 26, 2014  size = 2718 K

Now includes the final 2014 statistics and every All-Star Team since 1933